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Child Is Father to the Man

Anyone who only knows BS&T from their early-'70s incarnation as a middle-of-the-road hit machine needs to hear this 1968 album pronto. It's a masterpiece; probably the best thing the multi-talented Al Kooper has ever done, including his work with the Blues Project, the Rolling Stones, and that famous organ on Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone". Kooper aimed for a band that could do it all, and for an album that would combine the best elements of rock, jazz, folk, classical, soul, R&B, and anything else he could think of, into one powerfully eclectic whole.
Astonishingly, he achieved both ends and it's one of rock's great missed opportunities that internal dissension within the band led to Kooper's dismissal. Fortunately, this document remains, and decades later Kooper's originals such as "I Can't Quit Her" and "House in the Country", and his innovative arrangements of songs by Tim Buckley, Harry Nilsson, and Randy Newman, still sound as impressive and forward-thinking as ever.

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