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What happened in The year 1961 ?

In 1961 Elvis Presley’s album “Blue Hawaii”  was on the Billboard Album Charts for  seventy nine weeks and was at number one for twenty weeks.

In the U.S.A. Elvis had two number one singles “Are You Lonesome Tonight” and “Surrender”. In the U.K. charts throughout 1961 Elvis had four number one’s :-     

Wooden Heart  - Are You Lonesome Tonight  –  Surrender  -  His Latest Flame.

Jimmy Dean’s “Big Bad John” album was the first Country Music’s one million dollar seller.

January 1961

February 1961

March 1961

April 1961

May 1961

June 1961

July 1961

August  1961   

September  1961

October  1961

November 1961

December 1961

Formed in 1961


Peter, Paul and Mary began performing.

The Undertakers formed in Merseyside.

The Crystals.

Booker T & the M.G.s (Memphis Group).

The Angels.

Sounds Incorporated.

The Big Three formed in Liverpool they were formerly the Casanovas.

The Spotnicks an instrumental group formed in Sweden.

Formed in 1961 with earlier names Kenny & the Cadets, Carl and the Passions, the Pendletones and finally the Beach Boys.

The Velvelettes.

The Chambers Brothers began performing.

The Remo Quartet changed to The Remo Four.

The Zombies.

The Valadiers were the first white group.signed to Motown.

Jett Powers changed his stage name to P.J. Proby.

Poets formed in Scotland.

Golden Earring.

The Allisons.

The Crestas, The Jaguars and later The Applejacks.

Dave Dee and the Bostons later changed their name to Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich.

The  Casinyets changed their name to the Marvelettes and signed with Motown.

The Paramounts.

The Four Lovers changed their name to the Four Seasons.

Dean Ford and The Gaylords later changed their name to The Marmalade.

The Casuals.

Cliff Bennett formed the Rebel Rousers taking the name from the Duane Eddy hit, they later signed for Brian Epstein’s NEMs management.

The Blue Jays changed to the The Four Jays, The Fourmosts then shortened to The Fourmost.

Freddie & the Dreamers.


Music History 1961

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