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1960’s Questions

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The Sixties


1. What is drummer Ginger Baker's christian name

2. Which actor was the hero in the film High Noon

3. In 1966 who had a hit with Spanish Flea

4. Which Group member died in a swimming pool accident in 1969.

5. Which female singer had a hit in 1964 with the Rolling Stones song "As Tears Go By".

6. What was Norma Jean Baker's Acting name.

7. What was film star Stan Jefferson's real name.

8. Who was the first american astronaut to walk in space

9. Who played Captain Bligh in the 1963 film "Mutiny on the Bounty".

10. What nationality was Pablo Picasso.

11. Which South American country hosted the 1962 soccer world cup.

12. Who had a hit with "Sunny Afternoon".

13. In what group was Keith Relf the singer.

14. Under what name does Harry Webb Record.

15. Which group was fronted by Van Morrison in the sixties.

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 Essential Artists

Herb Alpert

The  Animals

The Beach Boys

The Beatles

The Bee Gees

Cilla Black

Chuck Berry


Blood Sweat Tears

Booker T & Mgs

Buffalo Springfield


Bob Dylan


Tom Jones

The Kinks

Cliff Richard

The Rolling Stones

Instrumental Groups



Herb Alpert

The Animals

The Beachboys

The Beatles

The Bee Gees

Chuck Berry

Cilla Black

Booker T & M.G.s

Blood Sweat & Tears

James Brown

Buffalo Springfield

The Byrds

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Glen Campbell

Johnny Cash

Dave Clark Five


Creedence  C.R.


The Doors

Bob Dylan

Duane Eddy

Everly Brothers

Four Tops

Gerry & Pacemakers


Jimi Hendrix

Engelbert Humperdinck

Tom Jones

Johnny Kidd & Pirates

The Kinks

The Lovin’ Spoonful

Mama’s & Papas

The Merseybeats

The Monkees

The Moody Blues

The Move

Roy Orbison


Elvis Presley

Procol Harum

Cliff Richard

The Rolling Stones

Instrumental Groups


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