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The Lonely Bull

Originally released in 1962, The Lonely Bull was not only Herb Alpert's musical debut, but the first album released on A&M Records. "After experiencing my first bullfight in Tijuana, Mexico," Alpert recalls, "I was inspired to find a way to musically express what I felt while watching the wild responses of the crowd, and hearing the brass musicians introducing each new event with rousing fanfare." The excitement translated, and The Lonely Bull was a stunning success. The title track hit the Billboard Top 10, as did the LP, which peaked at #10 and remained on the album chart for three years. The disc also includes the perennial stadium favorite "Never On Sunday," and the intricate, bossa nova-inflected "Desafinado." The cover, featuring Alpert toasting with a tequila glass, began a run of memorable TJB covers—including the groundbreaking and unforgettable one featuring a barely covered model immortalized on the Whipped Cream & Other Delights.

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